Portfolio of Judy Chiang

Hi, I have just completed my studies at Elam school of Fine Arts of the University of Auckland in New Zealand. I like to work in different media such as Painting, Photography, Digital photography, moving image, animation, crafts and illustrations... ect. I am always willing to try any media as long as it allows me to talk about my point of interests.
Born in Taiwan and raised in New Zealand since the age of 8, I call New Zealand my home but Taiwan is where my families are. If I had to describe myself with one word, it would have to be Observant. I study my surroundings closely and how it influence with my own life and interests, which gives me many questions to ask and challenges to investigate.

Recent Exhibition

"Grad Show at CEAC" Corbans Estate Arts Centre,
426 Great North Rd, Henderson (entrance off Mt Lebanon Lane)
open 7days 10am ~ 4:30pm
Friday 19th Dec 2008 ~ Sunday 18th Jan 2009
Opening night Thursday 18th Dec, 6pm.

!!News!! I am in a collective with two other artists from Elam, www.ityart.weebly.com, we are also featured on LOOP magazine, Germany.

Works from 2008

Artist Statements
The Hidden, the Imagined and the Unconscious.
Their deepest meanings...
(as well as animation videos)

Works from 2007

Artist Statements
    The Joy of Hurting
    This is My Place

Works From 2006

Who Should I Be? (Self-Portraits)
The View
Little Black Books

Works From 2005

Cup Cakes
Extra Works outside Art School